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A Celebration of Summer… and Achievement

Welcome to the summer issue of Downers Grove Magazine. In the past months, our team has meticulously curated content that not only celebrates the summer but also shines a spotlight on the unique achievements of our community members in the realms of education, sports, careers, and organizations. We are a community with a diverse range of individuals, each with their own unique path to success.

My family will be going through the college selection process in a few years.  I am already sweating bullets. If college is your next move, how do you make a decision of that magnitude?  Things have certainly changed throughout the years regarding the entire process.  The Fisher triplets grace our cover with the trifecta attending the University of Michigan this fall—quite a feat.  Valerie Hardy walks us through the landscape of the college admissions process and the Fisher family’s exciting journey to Ann Arbor.

Speaking of college, after I graduated, I thought I would find myself doing something in the television industry.  Writing, producing, on-air “talent,” – but alas, I found my call for advertising and marketing. I got an inside look at what could have been with our piece on Julie Maddox, creator of NBC’s Chicago Today. This two-time Emmy Award winner showrunner sits down with Cynthia Maquet to discuss her career path and future in the industry.

I am not a runner. Never have been, never will be.  So, when I heard that Danny Mucciolo had run over two dozen marathons, it was certainly an impressive accomplishment.  Even more so, learn how you (not me) can participate in all six of the Abbot World Marathon Majors like Danny. Also not to be missed within the sports arena are our stories on Downers Grove North basketball standout Jack Stanton and a successful draft day for J.J. McCarthy and the Minnesota Vikings.

We have been members of Downers Grove Swim & Racquet for thirteen years.  When the kids were little, we had the same daily schedule with lessons, lunch, and naps.  Repeat.  Although I consider our family longstanding members, the ties to the club go way deeper.  The grandchildren of original members are lifeguards; some have been members since 1954.  History runs deep, and we are excited to help such a staple in the community celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Rounding out our summer issue, flip through our pages for some inspiration on summer libations or a local trip to the DuPage County Fair. In honor of this summer’s 80th anniversary of D-Day, Maureen Callahan reports on this gem of a region with important history and sights to see for an epic getaway.

Enjoy the summer!  We will see you in September with more stories to tell.

Anne Healy
Associate Publisher