There are a multitude of things to know when selling your home. Mary understands this market and her community from 37 years of real estate experience. Mary explained, “When I started in real estate, I wanted to work the area near my home in Downers Grove, and since then, I have come to know it well.”

Mary’s daily work plan is simple and effective. “I concentrate on achieving the best results for my clients, and success is the reward.” This ethic has worked well as much of Mary’s business comes from opportunities from past clients or referrals to their family and friends. “I am grateful for this,” said Mary. “I feel as though these folks are my friends rather than just ‘clients.’”

She explained, “Covid has so impacted our lifestyles that people now spend more time at home than previously. This affects how we use and enjoy our homes.” Family recreation and outdoor activities like in-ground swimming pools, outdoor barbecue pits, and driveway basketball hoops are driving our demand for quality outdoor space at home.”

There is a long checklist when selling a home. To make this task less daunting, Mary suggests, “Take a thorough look at your property and decide what improvements, when made, will raise the functionality and appeal of your home. Often no cost options like decluttering or staging with existing furniture can have profound rewards.”

When purchasing or selling your most expensive asset, Mary embraces technology and social media but relies on personal attention and service. She will give sound advice from her 37 years on the job to bring you the highest possible value for your home.