Maxx Klein and Jack Klein

By Maureen Callahan

Airoom has always been a family affair. Maxx and Jack Klein are the third generation to run this family business. Having grown up in a household that celebrated craftsmanship and design, they are right where they belong- at the forefront of the company’s visionary team.

While they have completed over 500 projects in town, their design studio, located at 36 S Washington, is a brand-new space. It’s the perfect place to get started on your new home, addition, or remodel.

The Klein brothers see no design element as out of their client’s reach. They can pivot or include any style in any build, including historic homes. Their ability is highlighted in the creative ideas they bring to life. From a basement driving range, to a state-of-the art home theater, to a year-round outdoor kitchen, literally anything is possible. If you can dream it, they can build it.

Airoom is all about delivering that dream through fostering a one-to-one relationship with each and every client.

“The most important time spent with our clients is listening to them and understanding their vision,” said Jack. The brothers form a professional bond with clients rooted in Airoom’s core values of trust, open-communication, and genuine concern. “Often, people have a vision in their minds but aren’t able to think it through in their existing space.

That’s where we come in.” Maxx and Jack enjoy taking a client’s idea and getting it down to a mico-level of images, visualizations, renderings, and plans. They know the design they show a client is exactly what the finished space will look like. Many sets of eyes follow each project through to completion, ensuring efficiency from A-Z.

“We’re a service industry at heart,” Maxx believes. “If we’re going to hang our name on it, we want it to be the best possible product.”


Creative spaces such as full-service outdoor kitchens are just one of Airoom’s specialties.